Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zora !

Once upon a time, there was a girl from space. The girl was on a trip with her brother. Suddenly the spaceship stopped because of some technical problem in the engine and the spaceship landed on Earth.

The girl's name was Zora and the boy's name was Nico.Although they were aliens yet they looked like human beings.

When they landed on earth, their clothes were torn and they started looking for some new clothes to wear. After some time they met with a group of teenagers.Their leader's name was James.The others were Penraw, Gordy,Nono and Brolts.

When James saw Zora for the first time he fell in love with her. He started trying to impress her and befriend her.

Zora was home sick and she wanted to go back to home but she didn't know how to reach back to home with the damaged spacecraft.

James wanted to impress Zora so he invented a new spaceship secretly for her to return back to her home and parents.

James didn't want Zora to go back to home but Zora was not at all happy on earth and was missing her family and friends badly.

They were trying hard to contact her family but their efforts were going in vain. Zora was getting worse and her health was deteriorating . She had some food poisoning , as she was not accustomed with Earth-cuisine.

Nothing was helping in improving her heath. Medicines were not working on her.

When she heard of the news that someone has designed a spacecraft , she ran immediately towards the spaceship.

When James and his friend heard that Zora and Nico are leaving, they ran to look for them. They caught them before they could board the spaceship.

Zora began to cry and started pleading to allow her to go back to her planet.

Her friends felt her pain and they allowed them to leave with a heavy heart.

Everyone was sad, but James was very upset. He was unable to sleep and focus on his work. He was not able to work properly. He was in utter pain.

Five years later...

Zora came back to the same place on Earth. When James saw her, he came running to her and took her into his arms. Zora was very happy. She realized that she was also in love with James.

They both married and lived happily ever after.


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    Dear Aditi,

    It's a beautiful story. I admire your beautiful thinking and writing skill.

    with love and best wishes,


  2. Der Aditi

    nice story, carry on with ur writing skill.

    gOD bless u